06 - Jul - 2022

Fitness Holidays in Elba Island

Train on vacation

 That’s because we believe that, besides being healthy, training can be fun too, and it can be part of our daily life! The benefits of physical exercise are well known, and we are happy to have a new fitness instructor who will guide our clients to new training methods or help them to continue their daily routine: Minna Kaarni. Finnish in origin but living in Italy, Minna is an expert fitness instructor and an international level Pilates teacher, personal trainer, ultrarunner and athletic motivator. Thanks to her expertise, she will be able to give a hand to the beginners as well as motivate habitual trainers.

Pilates, acquagym, trekking and more

By organizing daily lessons of Pilates and Acquagym, both morning and afternoon from Monday to Saturday, she will keep our guests fit and active. Personal training, HIIT, Interval training, postural training and deep stretching or a personal “Fit Test” and creation of an individual training program are only few of the activities that can be requested. Minna can also arrange running/fit walking sessions or trekking on trails for couples or groups. The lessons will be held in English or/and Italian. Once the spark to be more active is on, it is easy to continue the training at home, after the holidays! Ready to meet Minna? She will be waiting for you from the 13th of June!

30 - Mar - 2022

Playing Padel on Elba Island

Padel is for everyone

A new trendy game both for professional sportsmen who use it as a workout, and among those who just want to challenge their friends, spending a few hours in relaxation.

Hotel Airone is the first hotel in Portoferraio that offers its guests three regular Padel courts (special discount for our Guest!).

It is a game that can be played by everyone, dynamic but not stressful, competitive but not aggressive. On holiday this sport helps you to keep fit and allows you to spend few hours in company playing two against two.

A new game, different from the usual ones that are played on vacation. Are you curious? Try it!

Padel on Elba

If you are interested in Padel and you want to enrich your vacation with a unique experience, Hotel Airone has the idea.

The first Hotel in Portoferraio that offers its guests the thrill of trying something innovative: Padel.

If you are wondering where you have heard of this new sport before, the answer is simple. Professional sportsman from other disciplines have been the first to play it to keep fit and refine glance, speed and reflexes. Footballers, actors, TV personalities practice it. Now this fun game has become the sport of the moment: suitable for anyone, without the need of complicated tools and special skills. A pair of tennis shoes, t-shirts, shorts and you are ready to challenge your friends on the new Padel courts in Portoferraio.

Try it, the Padel!

Holidays in a fascinating place as Elba Island always starts with a desire for sun, sea and relaxation. On the ferry, breathing the brackish air and looking at the Island, with its mountainous profile, which is getting closer and closer, you will think about your relaxation at Hotel Airone, but this year you will have surprise: your holiday even more sporty and full of games, with friends or family.

Try it, the Padel!

The absolute relaxation you were dreaming about on the ferry? It can wait!.

It will be an excellent excuse to return to Hotel Airone, in Portoferraio.

19 - Aug - 2021

Elba Island Boat Tours

Holidays on Elba Island

If you want to track down all the hidden wonders of Elba, you ought to explore it with a boat. This is the only way you can visit every bay and cove, admire beautiful seascapes that would not be visible from the land and reach bays that are otherwise out of reach.

If you are looking for an accommodation facility on Elba Island, I suggest the Hotel Airone, located in Portoferraio (Li). The Airone hotel is a renowned and exclusive spa hotel that, in addition to a significantly wide range of services (exclusive rooms, spa, bar, restaurant, swimming pool, tennis courts, volleyball courts, soccer fields, diving instructors, entertainment and games for children), also provides several opportunities to explore the island by boat.

The Airone hotel also has a well-equipped private pier: the hotel’s Taxi Boat departs from this pier to reach the sandy beach called Bagnaia. Moreover, the hotel’s pier is ideal for anyone looking for a place to dock their boat easily and safely (along with water and power supplies).

La Bagnaia

La Bagnaia is a fully equipped but quiet beach, facing crystal clear water and ideal for snorkeling. It also houses a sailing school and you can rent boats, canoes and pedal boats.

If you want to explore the southern part of Elba Island and witness breathtaking views that are impossible to admire from the land, make sure to step on board the Dollar II motorboat!

A tour of the island to discover all the most secluded beaches, cliffs and caves. You will be able to catch glimpses of the flying seagulls and, if luck is on your side, to meet playful dolphins.

The Airone hotel has an agreement with the tour organizers and it will take care of all your booking needs.

Here is the itinerary: departure from Porto Azzurro, then Naregno beach, Cala Nova, Cala di Iscoli, Stagnone, Punta Bianca, Miniera del Ginevro, Grotta delle Capre, Costa dei Gabbiani, Remaiolo (45-minute break for a swim), Punta Rossa, Spiagge Bianche, Miniera Punta Calamita, Grotta del Bue Marino (seen from the sea), Gemini Islands (45-minute break), Spiaggia dell’Innamorata. The tour will take a swimming break either at Remaiolo or at Gemini Islands; you can only reach these bays by boat.

Paradiso dei Delfini

Matteo Eugeni offers another marvelous experience, thanks to the Paradiso dei Delfini organization. This time the boat departs from Capoliveri Lido: Matteo can arrange a tailor-made tour of the island just for you, in order to explore the places you like the most. Matteo plans daily trips for the observation of cetaceans: a connoisseur of local wildlife, he will take you to the places where unique sightings often take place and, if fate wills it, you will be able to witness a school of dolphins swimming right beside you! Matteo will teach you many things about them: their habits, monitoring and previous sightings.

Explore Elba Island by boat! Book your holiday at the Airone hotel right now! Many aquatic adventures are waiting for you…

14 - Aug - 2021

Napoleonic Villas

Villa dei Mulini

On Elba, you can visit the Napoleonic Villas: Villa dei Mulini, located in Portoferraio’s historic center, and Villa San Martino, about 5 kilometers from the town.

Villa dei Mulini was Napoleon’s main residence on the island and the architect Paolo Bargigli renovated it in order to meet the needs of the French emperor.
He built the party hall, the stables and the garden (where you can admire the statue of Minerva and Galatea). The main rooms are on the ground floor: the hall, the library, the bedroom, the study and the valets’ room. Unfortunately, the original furniture is no longer here; the library, however, features several authentic books that once belonged to Bonaparte.

Villa San Martino

Villa San Martino was Napoleon’s “summer” residence or, rather, his secondary residence. The library, the neoclassical bathroom (for his sister, Paolina), the Love Knot Room and the Egyptian Room, decorated with pyramids and hieroglyphs, are the pre-eminent rooms. Nowadays, you can also enjoy the Demidoff gallery, displaying a collection of Napoleonic relics, engravings, lithographs and etchings, collected by the Russian prince and art collector Anatoli Demidoff, who bought the villa in 1851.

Where to sleep on the Island of Elba

If you wish to explore the villas, I recommend you stay at the Airone hotel, in Portoferraio; from here, you can reach the two Napoleonic Villas with ease!

The Airone hotel provides a plethora of services: restaurant, bar, swimming pool, private beach, entertainment and games for children, tennis courts, soccer fields, beach volleyball courts. Furthermore, at the Hotel Airone you will be able to enjoy the Terme of San Giovanni: a wide range of thermal treatments and personalized beauty treatments.

The Airone hotel is the ideal starting place to discover all the treasures wisely hidden on Elba! The Napoleonic Villas and many other wonders are waiting for you!

10 - Feb - 2021


Hotel Airone for sportsmen

In this varied landscape, Hotel Airone has always stood out for the attention it pays to sportsmen. For example, it has a qualified diving center inside and as a Bike Hotel it offers its guests an equipped workshop and an indoor shelter for bicycles.

800 athletes from 5 continents

Returning to the competitive events that fill the Elba Island calendar, we would like to point out one above all: Elbaman (www.elbaman.it). Thanks to the impeccable organization, the numbers of this event entirely dedicated to triathlon are impressive: in 2019 (last year it was not held) almost 800 athletes from 20 countries and 5 continents. It is no coincidence that the event, which will take place on Sunday 26 September in 2021, has been included by the Triathlete USA magazine among the best ten competitions in the world on the Iron distance.

Little ironmen grow up

Born in 2004 as a Medium Triathlon, for some years Elbaman was the only Italian competition over a Full distance, that is 3.8 km of swimming, 180 km of cycling, 42.2 km of running: a total of 226 km! Besides the main competition, you will find the Half distance test, called Elbaman73, the relay race and a spectacular Elbaman Kids for children aged 6 to 11, divided into Mini-puppies, Puppies and Beginners.


The swimming fraction takes place in the magnificent bay of Marina di Campo, the cycling one winds with challenging ups and downs along the panoramic and selective western ring of the Island, the race on a flat path crosses the town and the immediate surroundings .

The days before the competition, Marina di Campo is transformed into a small Olympic village. Each athlete fine-tunes the preparation, there are those who swim, those who ride, those who run, in a relaxed and adrenaline-pumping atmosphere at the same time.

We start and the important thing is to finish

When the swimming test kicks off at 7 o’clock in the morning, there are already many companions and onlookers to fill the golden sands of the longest beach on the Island. The first competitors to finish the stage, change quickly, put on their shoes and get on their bikes. The promenade, very animated, suddenly empties, then between incitements and faces already tested by fatigue it is the turn of the race test, which in the end crowns the most complete champion.

The final award ceremony takes place in a cheerful and convivial atmosphere. Every finisher is a winner, these fatiguing lovers recite like a mantra. And so the competitors – from the winner to the last of the amateurs – greet each other by making an appointment for the next edition. But there are not a few who have already decided to spend a few more days with their family on Elba, the island that offers the perfect ingredients to every triathlete who wants to swim, ride and run surrounded by nature.

08 - Apr - 2020


Vacanze all'Isola d'Elba - Hotel Airone

Close encounters in Elba's own, little Camargue

This typically Mediterranean marsh habitat, so reminiscent of the Camargue, is a special marine biocoenosis rich with fish, crustaceans, molluscs, and about thirty species of birdlife, both resident and migratory. A varied ecosystem, it is an open-air biology laboratory providing close encounters with herons, egrets, flamingos, and a host of our other feathered friends, and above all offering our youngest guests the right tools for a proper education in biodiversity.

Plastic free

Hotel Airone promotes conscious, ecologically sustainable, waste-free consumption, with a plastic-free, eco-friendly approach.
Disposable material for items like dishes, cups, and straws is in completely recyclable, compostable PLA (Polylactic Acid).

Cammino della Rada

The result of a requalification design that has garnered multiple honours, and a virtuous example of how the territory is cared for and used, Cammino della Rada, the “harbour path,” is a highly scenic pedestrian coastal itinerary that links the octagonal Torre del Martello (or Torre della Linguella), the tower standing sentinel over the Medici dock, to the age-old, spectacular Rocca del Volterraio, the dominating eagles nest. The pedestrian coastal itinerary crosses the urban area of Portoferraio and then, step by step, reaches the ancient salt pans, the Terme Isola d’Elba thermal baths, Hotel Airone, the seafaring village of San Giovanni, the Roman Villa in Le Grotte, Schiopparello, the Magazzini marina, the Ottone beach, and the can’t miss small, Romanesque church of Santo Stefano alle Trane
Mediterranean maquis, oak forests, cork groves, tamarisk, and wetlands, but also Roman, Medieval, and Renaissance remains, alternate magically in a perfect semicircle embracing the places characteristic of Portoferraio’s harbour, touching upon areas of natural, historic, and religious interest, as well as industrial archaeology sites.
Carried out in coordination between Elba2020Team, Italia Nostra, Legambente, and Aithale, the design obtained the patronage of the Municipality of Portoferraio, as well as support from Arcipelago Toscano National Park, which introduced Cammino della Rada into the good practices of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism.

Charging Station

Hotel Airone has always been very sensitive to respect for the environment and the use of sustainable energy. In addition to having almost completely eliminated the use of plastic inside the hotel, for years we have had a photovoltaic system that allows us to reduce the energy impact of our structure and a home automation system to avoid wasting energy even in the rooms. With great satisfaction, we finally installed an ENEL X charging station for electric cars for both Hotel Guests and any other users.  So that Elba is ever more welcoming, healthy and respectful of the environment and nature.

10 - Jan - 2020

Single Parent holiday offers

Vacanze genitori single

Entertainment for children

For the youngest guests, a team of entertainers organizes dancing, singing, and shows starting in the morning, while helping the children socialize. The hotel provides pools for all ages, as well as slides, inflatables, and much more. The staff also includes swimming instructors licensed to teach even the youngest guests the basics of water safety. Older children can enjoy a variety of activities, including water aerobics, educational workshops and team sports.

Kids menù

Single parents can also count on a special kids menu with plates calibrated and designed for the little ones. Our maitres are available for any special requests already during breakfast.

Activities and Sports

While the kids are having fun, grownups can take advantage of an active holiday, with programmes offering a great variety of activities and sports suited to all tastes. One example is having a simple run in the park, or going on dives. Cycling enthusiasts can rent a bike and enjoy the services of guides specialized for mountain itineraries. Tamer activities include golf (just 5 km from the facility) or yoga, volleyball, tennis, or water gym.

10 - Jan - 2020

Island of Elba Bike Hotel

Bike hotel Isola d'Elba

Cycling Holidays

Crystal-clear water, sun, beaches, wooded trails, and a virtually year-round pleasant climate make Elba an ideal destination for bike tourism. The island is perfect for those who wish a complete a bike tour in stages, for a weekend or for a brief excursion in pursuit of fun and sport.

Bike trails are suited for professionals and amateurs alike, with a variety of distances, levels of difficulty, and profiles. One can choose to cycle charming inland paths or the mountains, or to admire the sea while cycling down the coastline. The Island of Elba is a paradise to be discovered, with challenging, adrenalin-pumping mountain bike trails, or pleasant road riding suited for the whole family.

Cycling Excursionists

Hotel Airone belongs to Bike Hotel, a network of facilities dedicated to cycling excursionists and to lovers of bike tourism. As a Bike Hotel, we offer our guests a range of free services to make their Elba biking adventure even more relaxing. The Hotel offers a secure deposit for storing bicycles, as well as the use of a workshop for bike care and maintenance, including cleaning.
For those who so desire, bikes may be rented at the hotel, which also offers expert guides for excursions on exciting itineraries.

10 - Jan - 2020

Diving Elba Island

Diving Isola d'Elba

The area’s climate is temperate and the water is never too cold. In these mild conditions, Elba’s sea bottoms, with their rocky structure and composition, offer shelter to a variety of species, making them a habitat suited to the development of a biodiversity not unlike that found in tropical seas.

Just one example is a dive in the waters off the Ghiaie beach in Portoferraio. The zone includes a biologically safeguarded and protected area called Scoglietto, whose sea bottoms include a landslide. Among its rocky masses, you can glimpse grouper, gurnard, seabream, snapper, and kingfish. Indeed, the entire Mediterranean is right before your eyes, at a depth of about 25 metres.

If your interests are more than strictly nature-oriented, tilting towards history and archaeology, and if you would like to spend your diving holiday in pursuit of adventure and discovery, the waters off the Elban coastline are home to a great many underwater wrecks whose bridges and hatches have become habitats for numerous species. You can find ancient Roman ships with their cargo of amphorae, warships, or cargo ships, and even a World War II airplane, discovered under 38 metres of water off the coast of Portoferraio.

Whether you are an expert scuba diver or have only recently developed a passion for diving, you can choose our facility for your underwater holidays: Hotel Airone, located in San Giovanni just 3 kilometres from Portoferraio. The hotel, which also has its own private pier, includes a diving centre: a well-organized and highly convenient structure that can be the base for your underwater holidays. The centre organizes courses and dives, and provides all the accessories of use to best experience your passion for diving. The qualified, available staff will be on hand to best respond to all your needs.

10 - Jan - 2020

Hiking on the Island of Elba

Trekking Isola d'Elba

The “Red Rocks” itinerary

Without a doubt, one of the most scenic itineraries on the entire island winds from the Nisportino to the Mangani beach. It is short, suitable for all, and well-maintained.

From Nisportino, we take path 265, which reaches the Punta delle Casette Promontory and continues on to immerse itself in the Mediterranean maquis up to the “Red Rocks” coastline, from which an exceptional vista over the Portoferraio roadstead may be enjoyed.

After a rather demanding stretch, the Mangani cove offers an opportunity to spend a few hours in a marvellous place that is often deserted, even in the middle of the summer.

From Rio nell'Elba to Mount Giove

The itinerary starts from Rio nell’Elba, a characteristic village about 200 metres above sea level. Just outside town, we take the road exiting the Castilian gate towards Volterraio, up to the intersection with the provincial road originating from Portoferraio, in the locality known as “Le Panche.”

From here, we continue on to the peak of Mount Capannello (496 metres). Continuing to walk along the crest, we can enjoy an incredible landscape dominating both Elba’s northern and southern coastline.

Upon descending from Mount Strega, we encounter the provincial road from which another, unpaved road begins, leading to the hermitage of Saint Catherine. The last climb leads to the fortress of Giove, a fascinating ruin dating to the fourteenth century.

Ascent to Mount Capanne

From the Medieval village of Marciana, Elba’s highest town, we ascend towards the thirteenth-century fortress before encountering the path that crosses the Pedalta valley. From here, we have to reach the 530-metre elevation of the hermitage of San Cerbone, dating to 1421. The path leading to the peak begins amid oak and chestnut trees.

After a few hundred metres, the path becomes scenic, dominating over the Nivera valley and, slightly higher up, all of Elba, the Corsican coastline, and part of Tuscany. In some points, the path becomes rockier, but not impossible. Moreover, as we climb, we might even catch sight of the mouflons that populate this part of the island!

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