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Close encounters in Elba's own, little Camargue

This typically Mediterranean marsh habitat, so reminiscent of the Camargue, is a special marine biocoenosis rich with fish, crustaceans, molluscs, and about thirty species of birdlife, both resident and migratory. A varied ecosystem, it is an open-air biology laboratory providing close encounters with herons, egrets, flamingos, and a host of our other feathered friends, and above all offering our youngest guests the right tools for a proper education in biodiversity.

Plastic free

Hotel Airone promotes conscious, ecologically sustainable, waste-free consumption, with a plastic-free, eco-friendly approach.
Disposable material for items like dishes, cups, and straws is in completely recyclable, compostable PLA (Polylactic Acid).

Cammino della Rada

The result of a requalification design that has garnered multiple honours, and a virtuous example of how the territory is cared for and used, Cammino della Rada, the “harbour path,” is a highly scenic pedestrian coastal itinerary that links the octagonal Torre del Martello (or Torre della Linguella), the tower standing sentinel over the Medici dock, to the age-old, spectacular Rocca del Volterraio, the dominating eagles nest. The pedestrian coastal itinerary crosses the urban area of Portoferraio and then, step by step, reaches the ancient salt pans, the Terme Isola d’Elba thermal baths, Hotel Airone, the seafaring village of San Giovanni, the Roman Villa in Le Grotte, Schiopparello, the Magazzini marina, the Ottone beach, and the can’t miss small, Romanesque church of Santo Stefano alle Trane
Mediterranean maquis, oak forests, cork groves, tamarisk, and wetlands, but also Roman, Medieval, and Renaissance remains, alternate magically in a perfect semicircle embracing the places characteristic of Portoferraio’s harbour, touching upon areas of natural, historic, and religious interest, as well as industrial archaeology sites.
Carried out in coordination between Elba2020Team, Italia Nostra, Legambente, and Aithale, the design obtained the patronage of the Municipality of Portoferraio, as well as support from Arcipelago Toscano National Park, which introduced Cammino della Rada into the good practices of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism.

10 - Jan - 2020

Offers September Elba Island

Camere Hotel Airone Portoferraio

What to do on Elba in September

Although it’s considered off season, the weather in recent years has shown September to be a full-blown summer month, perfect for beach tourism. The warm but ventilated climate makes the white sand beaches highly enjoyable in September, with the island’s crystal-clear water unbesieged by millions of tourists. Moreover, Elba’s whole territory is ringed with small coves where you can immerse yourself in true paradises of nature without the typical summer crowds.

Despite its appearance, the Island of Elba is not just for beach lovers. Mount Capanne, for example, soaring to a height of more than 1,000 metres, is the peak of reference for the entire province of Livorno. For hikers, the mountain can be summitted via one of the numerous trails belonging to the Arcipelago Toscano National Park. And for those who prefer to enjoy the magnificent vista from Mount Capanne without breaking a sweat, a convenient cable car departs from Marciana. Lastly, archaeology buffs must absolutely pay a visit to the city of Portoferraio, Elba’s “capital.” In addition to its stupendous historic centre, Portoferraio is also home to archaeological sites from the Etruscan and Roman periods.

September bargains at Hotel Airone

Hotel Airone is located in the town of San Giovanni in Portoferraio. This hospitality facility is just a stone’s throw from the sea and immersed in greenery – which on its own would be all you need for your restorative holiday.
For those who choose September for their holiday, Hotel Airone reserves special bargains and packages. Don’t delay: contact us right away!

10 - Jan - 2020

July at Island of Elba

Offerte luglio isola isola d'elba

Ready to dive into crystal-clear water and enjoy the hospitality of a facility complete with all the comforts, also in the month of July? Hotel Airone is located a short distance from Portoferraio and just a stone’s throw from Tennis Club Isola d’Elba. Easy to reach, it is above all capable of combining top-notch hospitality with fabulous nature: in fact, it rises in a setting dominated by the intense green of the Mediterranean maquis, and the deep blue of the sea. Hotel Airone allows guests to enjoy a marvellous stay in one of Italy’s most sought-after seaside towns, and to take advantage of a “last minute Elba, July” bargain offering savings on a host of services. The hotel always guarantees the best rates and offers numerous recreational opportunities.

Thanks to numerous activities specifically for its youngest guests, Hotel Airone is the ideal solution for unforgettable family holidays. But it is also perfect for a splendid stay in pursuit of wellness, with a spa centre providing the benefits of thalassotherapy. Lastly, sportier guests can patronize the Padi Diving Centre and Golf Club Acquabona. With this can’t-miss opportunity to visit one of the Mediterranean’s most beautiful islands, taking advantage is an absolute must!

Services offered by Hotel Airone

The facility offers an enviable view overlooking the historic centre of Portoferraio. In the evening, as the lights begin illuminating the town, such an evocative view becomes a real pleasure. During their free time, all guests can take part in the many activities that are offered, notably including Pilates, swimming, aerobics, water aerobics, and Hata Yoga classes. And those who prefer relaxing with a good book can take advantage of the large, central swimming pool.

The hotel offers a choice between rooms and apartments; the latter are located just 250 metres from the hotel’s main building, in Residence Aironella, a facility with 11 single, two-room, and three-room apartments sleeping from 2 to a maximum of 7 guests. Created in an age-old farmhouse, the apartments offer all the comforts travellers require.

10 - Jan - 2020

The Island of Elba in May

Maggio Isola d'Elba

May is the perfect month to devote yourself to adventures in nature. It comes as no surprise that it is the ideal time to spend fabulous days on excursions, sports, and hiking. Nature re-emerges from the cold of winter lusher than ever, offering a unique spectacle of scents and colours.
From this perspective, Elba is distinguished by a territory perfect for activities of this kind, between valleys and promontories providing a natural habitat for numerous species of flora and fauna, whose proliferation is encouraged by a temperate Mediterranean climate.

Although the heat typical of mid-summer is lacking, a romantic escape with the May weekend bargains will also allow you to enjoy marvellous beaches, like those of Porto Azzurro, Padulella, Capo Bianco, and Sansone. In the off season you can go out onto the sea in a pedalo and follow the imposing cliffs, or lie on the sand and admire a sunset, or even dive into cool but always pleasant water: all at your own pace, and away from the crowds typical of the summertime.
These experiences are ideal for a weekend or a longer stay – just for two or with the whole family.

Enjoying the attractive May bargains on Elba also allows you to discover the island in all its historic and culinary aspects. In fact, every Elban village carries with it an enormous historic and cultural baggage of work, traditions, struggles, and conquests. Bearing witness to all this are its museums, forts, and historic residences of admirable beauty.
One need only consider Portoferraio and the Medici Fortress, or Capoliveri with its mining and sea museums, or Villa dei Mulini and Villa di San Martino, both of which were Napoleon’s residences.
But the island is also characterized by exquisite typical products, and by wine & food itineraries to be enjoyed in the company of others, through the vineyards or on scenic terraces.

To fully experience all the atmospheres of the Island of Elba, Hotel Airone offers all the comfort necessary for an excellent stay, with its May weekend bargains. Immersed in nature with the sea nearby, and endowed with excellent services, it is a facility where relaxation and fine hospitality have found a home.

10 - Jan - 2020

Offers weekend Island of Elba

Weekend isola d'Elba

Although two days are certainly not enough to discover all the beauty offered by the Island of Elba, you can still spend an unforgettable weekend there if you plan ahead. Let’s begin by saying that the spring months have been particularly warm in recent years, so we recommend packing a bathing suit. Elba’s beaches all boast white sand and crystal-clear water. And thanks to the island’s characteristic little coves, you might even enjoy some rare tranquillity during the off season.

Of course, the Island of Elba is not just beaches. The town of Portoferraio, the island’s “moral capital,” is a splendid urban centre where historical finds from both the Etruscan period and the Roman Age coexist in perfect harmony. Moreover, the historic centre is full of characteristic little boutiques for browsing and shopping. Even those who like their holidays in the high peaks can have their fun on Elba: Mount Capanne, more than 1,000 metres tall, is rich with paths for hiking lovers. Reaching the peak on foot is the challenge you might choose if you like mountain walking. But if trekking isn’t your thing, you can take advantage of the comfortable cable car to admire the landscape from the top of Mount Capanne.

Located in San Giovanni Portoferraio, Hotel Airone is immersed in greenery just a stone’s throw from the sea – a location perfect for both nature holidays and beach vacations. In addition to its gorgeous rooms, it offers numerous services: from its gym to the pool, as well as breakfast served – weather permitting – in the garden, surrounded by greenery. Lastly, you’ll find the cherry on the cake in the numerous weekend bargains that the facility regularly offers its guests. Contact us for an estimate just for you!

Hotel Airone

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