Thermal Treatments

Terme San Giovanni avail themselves as having a high therapeutic potential which represents a unicum (one of a kind) in the Italian and European thermal scene. Thalassotherapy is practiced at the Terme which gathers all the benefits that the sea can offer through water, mud, algae and marine plants.

The Terme uses qualified operators for the mud, baths, inhalation treatments, which may also be made through the National Health Service.

The prime materials define the field of action: the marine mud is used for the treatment of arthrosis, acne, psoriasis and cellulite; algae and marine plants are transformed in the decoction which added to water salsoiodica, is useful both in balneotherapy to complement the mud-therapy, as in the treatment of other diseases.

The Terme offers thalassotherapy enriched with the decoction AlghelbaTM , which finds its application in anti-stress treatments, anti-cellulite treatments particularly indicated for patients suffering from circulatory disorders of the lower limbs (packages Spa Week). The salsoiodica water is also effective in treatments for illnesses of the high and low airways (sinusitis, rhinitis, pharyngolaryngitis, bronchitis).

The marine flora always in the form of decoction, is used for the production of hygienic and cosmetic line “Terme di San Giovanni”, entirely organic, ECOCERT certified and available at the Terme.

Wellness Spa and Beauty Center

The Wellness Area offers face and body treatments, massages, beauty rituals and treatments, wellness itineraries, and purification and lymphatic drainage treatments. Or you may access the “Salt Room,” where a single session offers the same benefits as three days at the sea. Haloroom® is a room whose walls are lined with tiles made of salt crystals. As we enter, we have an immediate sensation of absolute well-being. The deeply healthy air ensured by the antiseptic capacities of the salt hinders the survival of pathogens.
The enchanting setting of the Terme Isola d’Elba spa amplifies this perception of well-being: a perfect microcosm in which Earth and sea embrace, providing feelings of pure harmony.

An ancient technique of traditional Chinese medicine, Cupping Therapy harmonizes the energy flows, promotes the drainage of fluids, and stimulates circulation, thus helping to establish a mental and physical balance and to resolve aesthetic or postural disorders. Small plastic or glass cups are used, which the therapist places in specific points – often coinciding with acupuncture points – creating a suction effect.
The decompression caused by the cups helps eliminate toxins and oxygenate tissues, and is a cure-all for muscle aches and tension.
This technique is also used to combat cellulite and localized fat, or simply to relax, thanks to the stimulation of precise subcutaneous points corresponding with the energy paths.

LPG Endermologie®, a “beauty routine” created in France, is the health, beauty, and antiaging secret of many celebrities, who demand immediate, visible, and long-lasting results.
LPG EndermologieViso delicately stimulates the skin, reawakening the synthesis of substances essential for youth in a healthy, natural, and painless way. This smart strategy with no side effects slows the appearance of unsightly signs of the passage of time, while respecting the skin’s ecology.
LPG EndermologieCorpo promotes the process of eliminating fat cells for a refined figure, and reactivates the circulation of fluids for a deep, detoxifying action.
A technique of Asian origin, Bamboo Massage, uses shafts of bamboo – a symbol of health, luck, and eternal youth – to perform a deep massage with a relaxing, decontracting, and toning effect. It is ideal as an anti-cellulite treatment, because it reactivates the circulation of blood and lymph, promoting the drainage of fluids and the elimination of toxins. It is also recommended for athletes, and as an antistress treatment.

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

At the Terme San Giovanni you have access to the physical therapy and rehabilitation center with equipment and high-level professionals. Moreover specialist visits are available (otorhinolaryngology, orthopedics, cardiology, aesthetic medicine and nutritionist).

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