Thermal Treatments

Terme San Giovanni avail themselves as having a high therapeutic potential which represents a unicum (one of a kind) in the Italian and European thermal scene. Thalassotherapy is practiced at the Terme which gathers all the benefits that the sea can offer through water, mud, algae and marine plants.

The Terme uses qualified operators for the mud, baths, inhalation treatments, which may also be made through the National Health Service.

The prime materials define the field of action: the marine mud is used for the treatment of arthrosis, acne, psoriasis and cellulite; algae and marine plants are transformed in the decoction which added to water salsoiodica, is useful both in balneotherapy to complement the mud-therapy, as in the treatment of other diseases.

The Terme offers thalassotherapy enriched with the decoction AlghelbaTM , which finds its application in anti-stress treatments, anti-cellulite treatments particularly indicated for patients suffering from circulatory disorders of the lower limbs (packages Spa Week). The salsoiodica water is also effective in treatments for illnesses of the high and low airways (sinusitis, rhinitis, pharyngolaryngitis, bronchitis).

The marine flora always in the form of decoction, is used for the production of hygienic and cosmetic line “Terme di San Giovanni”, entirely organic, ECOCERT certified and available at the Terme.

Wellness Spa and Beauty Center

The elegant Wellness Spa gives you access to our Thermarium, the perfect place to indulge yourself in complete relaxation of the mind and body: Finnish sauna, Turkish bath, whirlpool, emotional shower, indoor and outdoor relaxation areas and herbal teas corner. In addition to the “Salt Room” where one sitting corresponds to the benefits as if enjoying three days at the sea.

The sauna with its 80° C and dry air (humidity less than 20%), favors abundant sweating that detoxifies in depth the skin and improves circulation and blood pressure.

The Turkish bath has heat moisture at 95%, the steam is emanated from the bottom up and the temperature remains between 42° to 45° C. It has a toning and relaxing effect, favoring a deep cleansing and purification of the skin, reduces stress and is useful for the respiratory tract.

The emotional shower uses water sprays/jets, colors, lights and aromas that give a deep feeling of well-being and relaxation.

The Haloroom® is a room whose walls are covered with tiles composed of salt crystals. Upon entering you immediately feel a sense of well-being. The environment has an air deeply wholesome, ensured by the capacity of the antiseptic salt which prevent the survival of pathogens

Also available at the Spa:

  • facial and body treatments
  • massages
  • beauty treatments and beauty rituals
  • wellness path
  • purifying and draining treatments
  • Aesthetic Medicine treatments

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

At the Terme San Giovanni you have access to the physical therapy and rehabilitation center with equipment and high-level professionals. Moreover specialist visits are available (otorhinolaryngology, orthopedics, aesthetic medicine and nutritionist).

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