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Fitness Holidays in Elba Island

Fitness Holidays in Elba IslandKeep your body healthy and fit with Minna Kaarni! Vacation time is often seen as a break, a time when people can take care of themselves and do things like multiple [...]

Playing Padel on Elba Island

Playing Padel on Elba Island3 new Padel courts If you want your next holiday on Elba Island to be full of fun and relaxation, but also of healthy sports, Hotel Airone has a nice surprise [...]

Elba Island Boat Tours

Elba Island Boat ToursDiscover Elba Island by boat Elba is one of the most wonderful sea destinations you can find in Italy. In spite of its limited size, this island features a truly remarkable diversity [...]

Napoleonic Villas

Napoleonic VillasCome here and discover all the treasures of the island of Elba! A gorgeous island featuring heavenly beaches, a crystalline blue sea, and a rich and interesting history. On Elba, you can witness the [...]


ElbamanElba island: it is written Triathlon, you read Elbaman Isola d’Elba is synonymous with outdoor activities. From trekking to cycling, from sailing to horseback riding, from kayaking to climbing, from golf to scuba diving, this [...]


Eco-friendly holidays Elba Island In addition to providing an enchanting view overlooking Portoferraio, the lagoon by Hotel Airone and Terme Isola d’Elba is a wetland of great natural value. From the stretch of water that [...]

Single Parent holiday offers

Single Parent holiday offers Elba Island Elba Island , an enchanted place in the Tuscan Archipelago is a destination for many tourists every year. Its beautiful beaches and accommodation facilities offer unrivaled relaxation. Single parents [...]

Island of Elba Bike Hotel

Bike Hotel Elba Island If you’re considering a holiday on the Island of Elba by bike, the Airone bike Hotel is the right place for you. The facility is surrounded by a splendid park of [...]

Diving Elba Island

Island of Elba Diving Easily reached from the ports of the Tuscan coastline, the Island of Elba is part of the Arcipelago Toscano National Park, the Mediterranean’s largest marine park. It is the ideal destination [...]

Hiking on the Island of Elba

Hiking, Trekking in Elba Island According to legend, the Tuscan Archipelago originated from a necklace that slipped from Venus’s neck and fell into the sea. And indeed, Italy’s third-largest island possesses a large variety of [...]

Book Without Worries

Book without worries Our cancellation policies will allow you to book with confidence and you will have plenty of time to cancel your booking if you change your mind! Direct booking discount By booking directly [...]

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