10 - Jan - 2020
Diving Isola d'Elba

The area’s climate is temperate and the water is never too cold. In these mild conditions, Elba’s sea bottoms, with their rocky structure and composition, offer shelter to a variety of species, making them a habitat suited to the development of a biodiversity not unlike that found in tropical seas.

Just one example is a dive in the waters off the Ghiaie beach in Portoferraio. The zone includes a biologically safeguarded and protected area called Scoglietto, whose sea bottoms include a landslide. Among its rocky masses, you can glimpse grouper, gurnard, seabream, snapper, and kingfish. Indeed, the entire Mediterranean is right before your eyes, at a depth of about 25 metres.

If your interests are more than strictly nature-oriented, tilting towards history and archaeology, and if you would like to spend your diving holiday in pursuit of adventure and discovery, the waters off the Elban coastline are home to a great many underwater wrecks whose bridges and hatches have become habitats for numerous species. You can find ancient Roman ships with their cargo of amphorae, warships, or cargo ships, and even a World War II airplane, discovered under 38 metres of water off the coast of Portoferraio.

Whether you are an expert scuba diver or have only recently developed a passion for diving, you can choose our facility for your underwater holidays: Hotel Airone, located in San Giovanni just 3 kilometres from Portoferraio. The hotel, which also has its own private pier, includes a diving centre: a well-organized and highly convenient structure that can be the base for your underwater holidays. The centre organizes courses and dives, and provides all the accessories of use to best experience your passion for diving. The qualified, available staff will be on hand to best respond to all your needs.

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