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Holidays on Elba Island

If you want to track down all the hidden wonders of Elba, you ought to explore it with a boat. This is the only way you can visit every bay and cove, admire beautiful seascapes that would not be visible from the land and reach bays that are otherwise out of reach.

If you are looking for an accommodation facility on Elba Island, I suggest the Hotel Airone, located in Portoferraio (Li). The Airone hotel is a renowned and exclusive spa hotel that, in addition to a significantly wide range of services (exclusive rooms, spa, bar, restaurant, swimming pool, tennis courts, volleyball courts, soccer fields, diving instructors, entertainment and games for children), also provides several opportunities to explore the island by boat.

The Airone hotel also has a well-equipped private pier: the hotel’s Taxi Boat departs from this pier to reach the sandy beach called Bagnaia. Moreover, the hotel’s pier is ideal for anyone looking for a place to dock their boat easily and safely (along with water and power supplies).

La Bagnaia

La Bagnaia is a fully equipped but quiet beach, facing crystal clear water and ideal for snorkeling. It also houses a sailing school and you can rent boats, canoes and pedal boats.

If you want to explore the southern part of Elba Island and witness breathtaking views that are impossible to admire from the land, make sure to step on board the Dollar II motorboat!

A tour of the island to discover all the most secluded beaches, cliffs and caves. You will be able to catch glimpses of the flying seagulls and, if luck is on your side, to meet playful dolphins.

The Airone hotel has an agreement with the tour organizers and it will take care of all your booking needs.

Here is the itinerary: departure from Porto Azzurro, then Naregno beach, Cala Nova, Cala di Iscoli, Stagnone, Punta Bianca, Miniera del Ginevro, Grotta delle Capre, Costa dei Gabbiani, Remaiolo (45-minute break for a swim), Punta Rossa, Spiagge Bianche, Miniera Punta Calamita, Grotta del Bue Marino (seen from the sea), Gemini Islands (45-minute break), Spiaggia dell’Innamorata. The tour will take a swimming break either at Remaiolo or at Gemini Islands; you can only reach these bays by boat.

Paradiso dei Delfini

Matteo Eugeni offers another marvelous experience, thanks to the Paradiso dei Delfini organization. This time the boat departs from Capoliveri Lido: Matteo can arrange a tailor-made tour of the island just for you, in order to explore the places you like the most. Matteo plans daily trips for the observation of cetaceans: a connoisseur of local wildlife, he will take you to the places where unique sightings often take place and, if fate wills it, you will be able to witness a school of dolphins swimming right beside you! Matteo will teach you many things about them: their habits, monitoring and previous sightings.

Explore Elba Island by boat! Book your holiday at the Airone hotel right now! Many aquatic adventures are waiting for you…

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