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The practice of yoga encourages the stretching of the muscles and the oxygenation of the body by employing special breathing techniques.

It is an excellent exercise for releasing tension: yoga, in fact, increases concentration and self-awareness, a very important factor in breaking the vicious circle of stress, recharging with new energy and feeling free and in perfect harmony between body and soul.

At the Hotel Airone we offer the space to practise this activity because we like to think that our hotel is also a place to meet, relax and practise holistic disciplines.

We have been collaborating for years with yoga teachers and schools which have chosen our facility as a base for their retreats on Elba.

In the quiet and relaxed space of our park, it is possible to experience moments of pure relaxation between sea and nature, suitable for everyone: from those who practise regularly, to the curious who want to try this discipline and enjoy its benefits.