10 - Jan - 2020
Weekend isola d'Elba

Enjoy Elba Island

Although two days are certainly not enough to discover all the beauty offered by the Island of Elba, you can still spend an unforgettable weekend there if you plan ahead. Let’s begin by saying that the spring months have been particularly warm in recent years, so we recommend packing a bathing suit. Elba’s beaches all boast white sand and crystal-clear water. And thanks to the island’s characteristic little coves, you might even enjoy some rare tranquillity during the off season.

Excursions and Sports

Of course, the Island of Elba is not just beaches. The town of Portoferraio, the island’s “moral capital,” is a splendid urban centre where historical finds from both the Etruscan period and the Roman Age coexist in perfect harmony. Moreover, the historic centre is full of characteristic little boutiques for browsing and shopping. Even those who like their holidays in the high peaks can have their fun on Elba: Mount Capanne, more than 1,000 metres tall, is rich with paths for hiking lovers. Reaching the peak on foot is the challenge you might choose if you like mountain walking. But if trekking isn’t your thing, you can take advantage of the comfortable cable car to admire the landscape from the top of Mount Capanne.

Best Rates Guarantee

Located in San Giovanni Portoferraio, Hotel Airone is immersed in greenery just a stone’s throw from the sea – a location perfect for both nature holidays and beach vacations. In addition to its gorgeous rooms, it offers numerous services: from its gym to the pool, as well as breakfast served – weather permitting – in the garden, surrounded by greenery. Lastly, you’ll find the cherry on the cake in the numerous weekend bargains that the facility regularly offers its guests. Contact us for an estimate just for you!

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